Patient Study 1

A 74-year-old male was hospitalized following a stroke caused by atrial fibrillation. During the hospitalization he had contracted pneumonia and was diagnosed with accelerated hypertension. He underwent one week of inpatient rehabilitation and after being released, the patient wanted to return to driving. The condition he was in, and the medications he was taking, suggested he could no longer drive safely.

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NorthWest Neurology

“When I [first] saw DriveABLE, I thought here is a test that we can do in less than an hour…and we can make a much better decision about whether this person should or should not be driving.”
– Dr. Robert Bashuk, MD

When Northwest Neurology’s medical team needed a better, more objective and scientific method to assess their patients’ fitness to drive, DriveABLE provided an efficient, cost-effective, and reimbursable solution.

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Student Transit

“Safety is of paramount importance at Student Transit. Our drivers transport America’s most precious cargo— our children. We are confident the technology and industry expertise of [DriveABLE ] and SafeWay Driver Fitness Centers helps us put the safest school bus drivers on Wisconsin’s roads.”
— Jim Fey, Vice President of Student Transit, President of the Wisconsin School Bus Association

Student Transit needed a better, more objective, and scientific way to assess their drivers’ fitness to drive...they chose DriveABLE.

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Edmonton Transit System

“DriveABLE proved that the bigger investment at the beginning of the process pays off for the end. Now, overall, we have better candidates to go through our classes.”
– Valeria Palladino, Edmonton Transit Supervisor Hiring and Training

DriveABLE ensures Edmonton Transit System hires competent, safe drivers at a lower cost.

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Kaiser Permanete Colorado

“We are… keeping our members and the community safer by giving information to physicians, staff, and other medical providers, that some of their patients may not be cognitively fit to be safely driving a vehicle.”
– Brian McReynolds, Physical Therapy Aide, Kaiser Permanente Colorado

When Kaiser Permanente’s medical team needed a research-based, standardized approach to evaluate their patients’ fitness to drive, DriveABLE provided a safe, cost-effective solution.

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Patient Study 2

A 75-year-old male suffering from memory loss was referred for DriveABLE testing because his son was concerned about his driving. The patient had lost his way home twice and had started making errors while paying his bills. MRI’s had shown mild cerebral atrophy while he exhibited several comorbid medical conditions including diabetes, CAD, COPD, and OSA. In addition, the patient was also currently prescribed multiple medications.

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