ExceleRATE is an all-in-one commercial driver risk management program. It features a comprehensive assessment program that looks at the various skills critical for safe driving.

ExceleRATE assigns each driver easy to understand risk factors based on how medications or medical conditions may have affected the specific mental abilities necessary for safe operation of a motor vehicle and it looks at actual behind-the-wheel performance to identify where and how significantly skills may be affected.

Designed specifically for the needs of commercial fleets, ExceleRATE provides managers the tools to make quick and informed decisions about safety. It remains one of the only assessment systems that provides an easy to read ranking system that is predictive of actual on-road driving.


ExceleRATE evaluates the mental abilities of commercial drivers, and goes beyond a driver abstract or physical exam. Current processes do not look at the mental abilities needed for safe driving, and leave a lot of risk factors unknown. We uncover these risk factors, and answer the critical safety questions about drivers that most fleets haven’t even thought to ask.


An in-office, assessment of the critical cognitive skills needed to drive safely.

CORE (Commercial On-Road Evaluation):

A behind-the-wheel assessment, specifically designed to break down which driving errors are caused by cognitive issues and which are the result of bad habits. 

The DriveABLE Advantage


DriveABLE can pre-screen new employees to determine their cognitive driving ability. Recruited individuals with higher weighted cognitive skills were more likely to stay on the job longer (Transportation Research Board, 2011). With a current shortage of commercial drivers, DriveABLE can help you decrease turnover rates.



As age increases so does the risk of having a medical condition that will affect driving ability. Many commercial drivers are 55 years or older, in this age group risk of driving injury or fatality increases by 75%. DriveABLE Assessments can help reduce the risk of close calls, accidents, liability costs, and keep safe drivers driving longer.


Save significant amount of time, money, and energy on fruitless training and recruitment (refer to ETS case study). DriveABLE tools can be quickly and efficiently incorporated into annual training and health, and safety routines.



ExceleRATE works with your training, safety, and human resources departments as a protocol that works in tandem with current systems. The program is fully configurable and fleet managers can pick which elements of the program are the best fit for their specific organization.

The DriveABLE team will work with your organization's specific needs and challenges to ensure you get the most out of our technology.

We will guide you through the process from program development, road course design, through to employee training and ongoing quality assurance.


  • + Program design
  • + Employee on-boarding materials
  • + Road course design
  • + Evaluator training for both Vitals and CORE
  • + Online training
  • + Assessment software and hardware
  • + Unlimited support
  • + Ongoing quality assurance

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Hire the best from the start

ExceleRATE has been implemented within fleets to provide an in-depth evaluation of a potential driver and their fitness to drive. This has ensured that the best drivers are selected before you incur any training costs. ExceleRATE will also help you identify problem areas for drivers that may need to be addressed in training. Please see the Edmonton Transit System case study for further information.

Possible scenario:

+ New job posted

+ Check abstracts and eligibility of applicants

+ ExceleRATE selected applicants with the Vitals (in office) and the CORE (on road) assessments, which provides:

+ Thorough risk analysis through detailed reporting

+ Ranking system from best to worst performers

+ Objective analysis to identify coachable errors vs. cognitive decline

+ Proceed with interview of capable drivers


Preventing the preventable year over year

A full featured program including regular risk assessments of all drivers. ExceleRATE recommends that each driver undergo the Vitals cognitive testing portion of the program to allow for identification of potential risks before they lead to an incident. Any drivers flagged as high risk would be required to undergo a CORE and possible medical review. Some possible implementation options are:

+ Annual full work force review: This would include all drivers yearly undergoing the Vitals cognitive testing. Medical conditions that negatively affect driving ability can occur at any age. This allows for a robust review program without many of the concerns in regards to age discrimination legislation.

+ Five-year cognitive check up: Every five years of employment regardless of age.

+ Customized review program: ExceleRATE will work with the high risk groups within a commercial employee base to identify the highest at risk individuals for review


Getting back on the road with confidence

This will provide a review of a driver’s abilities after a medical incident or leave of absence. This option works best with a full medical review and is recommended to include both Vitals and CORE.


Proactive risk management

ExceleRATE can provide an indication if an employee's medical conditions played a role in an incident. This allows employees to seek help from physicians in the event that a medical condition may have gone undiagnosed. It also sheds light on situations where medication is needed or needs to be adjusted to continue driving. This option works best with a full medical review and is recommended to include both Vitals and CORE.