About Us

At DriveABLE we combine cutting-edge technology with proven research to deliver driver assessment tools for commercial fleets, governments, insurers, and the medical community. We provide service, software and hardware solutions that help identify if medications or medical conditions have affected a person’s ability to drive.

Established as a university spin-off, DriveABLE has been providing driver risk assessments for over 15 years. DriveABLE products are licensed and distributed across North America, New Zealand and South Korea. It is our goal to protect competent drivers, accurately identify cognitively unsafe drivers, and to help improve safety on our roads.

Our Mission

Creating safer communities through the fusion of science and technologies.


At the request of physicians, Dr. Allen Dobbs and his team at the Neurocognitive Research Unit of the Northern Alberta Regional Geriatric Program, were asked to find a test which could assess patients who were still driving and had a cognitively impairing medical condition.

After an exhaustive literature review, no such assessment test was found. The physician group then tasked Dr. Dobb’s team with developing an evidence-based test that was specific to driving and cognitive impairment.

Eight years and over 1500 subjects later, the team had developed both an In-Office and On-Road test which, together, formed the only assessment system worldwide that assessed a driver based on the level of cognitive impairment caused by their medical condition.

DriveABLE is a University spin-off company, which was established because of a large, and growing need in the community for fair, evidence-based assessments of medically at-risk drivers with generalized cognitive impairment.

Our Team

P-J Barclay

P-J joined DriveABLE in 2016, as our President and CEO. Originally from South Africa, he has spent the last 4 years in Edmonton, two and a half of which, heading up an Advisory Practice which offered talent, process, and technology solutions to both private and public sector organizations. “My goal is to work with this dynamic and energetic team to optimize the commercialization of our advanced technology into multiple high potential markets.

John Brown

John Brown is Vice President of Business development that oversees the DriveABLE customer love initiative by leading the relationship management team. John is in charge of developing and facilitating new business opportunities.

Aaron Granley

Aaron is responsible for DriveABLE’s research and development activities. He is passionate about creating science driven solutions to real world problems. He designs solutions that fuse the best practices in neuroscience and ergonomics with leading edge technology.


Drew LaHaie

Drew joined DriveABLE in March of 2017 as our Vice-President of Information Technologies. Drew is a computer engineering professional with over 30 years of experience in desktop, online and mobile development; network and data center operations; and technical project leadership. "My goal is to deliver World-Class software services to all our customers"

Cory Harris

Cory is a developer and uses his skills in programming to make sure our technology is at top efficiency. Cory came to DriveABLE having previously worked on projects ranging from programming in the Unreal and Unity Engines, to building software from the ground up.

Gilles St-Cyr

Gilles joined DriveABLE in 2017 as a Senior Software Engineer, and has been a developer for over a decade. With his Engineering background, he brings a trove of experience to the DriveABLE team and is helping to redefine what our software can do.


Christopher Lysyk

Chris joined DriveABLE in 2016, as our User Support Technician. He provides friendly technical assistance to our customers, and works to build and maintain DriveABLE assessment equipment. Chris brings excellent computer and customer service skills, from many years in IT and other fields.

Megan Docherty

Megan is the DriveABLE Office Administrator, bringing with her a dedicated passion for the company as well as an expertise in bookkeeping and accounting practices. She has held positions as a business office manager for nearly 10 years.

Kristen King

Kristen joined DriveABLE in 2015, as our Client Relations Specialist. Her primary role is maintaining our accounts. Kristen also helps with sales, onboarding new clients, and creating marketing plans. She brings to our team a wealth of customer service experience and a passion for customer focus.